Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Thankful Thursday

Today's list ... in no particular order:

1)  I'm SO VERY THANKFUL that I just finished working my last night shift.  Day shift (a.k.a. normal life schedule) starts next week!

2)  I'm thankful that Marshall will get an ENTIRE week off of school to rest and play!

3)  I'm thankful that I have a free week to adjust to a daytime schedule before I start working day shift.

4)  I'm thankful for 5 happy months of marital bliss!

5)  I'm thankful for Marshall's unconditional love!

6)  I'm thankful for God's example of how to love others.

7)  I'm thankful for faithful friends who still love & accept me even when I'm out of contact for a while.

8)  I'm thankful for my parents who set Godly examples for me to follow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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